“We don’t understand the consequences”, says MHK

2023-05-04T10:03:05+01:004 May 2023|

Rob Callister with manx FlagRob Callister discusses government proposals to scrap work permit system

An Onchan MHK says while he’s not against removing some of the ‘complexities’ surround the Island’s work permit system, he is against abolishing it completely.

The Department of Enterprise […]

Work permit laws should be relaxed

2022-08-12T15:05:26+01:0014 September 2018|

Outcome of Immigration debate in Douglas

The Isle of Man should ease its work permit laws.

That’s according to the results of a debate on immigration in Douglas last night.

Middle MHK Bill Shimmins argued to liberalise the Island’s current system.

Whilst Onchan Rob Callister opposed that motion.

These members of the audience told Manx Radio […]

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