Callister to DOI just an interim appointment

2022-08-12T12:04:19+01:0018 July 2020|

Rob CallisterIt could change following Douglas South by-election

Rob Callister says he might not be in the Department of Infrastructure for long.

The Onchan MHK was appointed to his third government role yesterday, on top of his responsibilities in the departments of enterprise, […]

Onchan MHK joins DOI with “a lot of difficulties”

2022-08-12T12:04:27+01:0018 July 2020|

Rob CallisterCallister says it’s “better to resolve problems from within”

The promenade scheme, Governor’s Dip and Glencrutchery Road all contributed to Rob Callister’s decision to join the infrastructure department.

He’s joining on an interim basis, with specific responsibility for ports, and will also work […]

Callister joins DoI

2022-08-12T12:04:35+01:0018 July 2020|

Rob Callister, MHKThe Department of Infrastructure has an elected political member again, as Onchan MHK Rob Callister has joined the department, on an interim basis.

Mr Callister’s appointment comes after both Jason Moorhouse and Julie Edge quit the department after Tim Baker […]

Delayed reshuffle after Allinson becomes minister

2022-08-12T12:06:16+01:0022 May 2020|

A number of appointments confirmed in Tynwald

There’s been what could be described as a delayed reshuffle in Tynwald this week, as a number of new political appointments were confirmed.

After Dr Alex Allinson MHK was made minister of education, sport and culture earlier this […]

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