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Rob Callister, MHK

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House of Keys

Question to the Minister for Infrastructure – 25th February 2020

The Hon. Member for Onchan (Mr Callister) to ask the Minister for Infrastructure:

If he will introduce the Sunflower Lanyard at Ronaldsway Airport and at the Sea Terminal for customers to indicate to staff that they may need additional care and support, because of hidden disabilities such as hearing loss, autism and dementia?

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Tynwald Court

Oct 2023 (Tynwald Sitting) – Speech on the Tolson Report

Housing developmentThank you Mr President 

I note that the DOI Minister is only asking for this Court today to “receive the Tolson report” and for this Court to support a consultation on its preferred option…. 

…and that option is to explore the possibility of setting up a “not for profit” standalone “Housing Association”, in order to transfer and manage the Department’s own Housing Stock of around 1,200 Properties only…

However, as I mentioned in the Tynwald Members Presentation recently, I have some serious concerns regarding this report […]

Tynwald Motion – Nursing Care

Thank you, Mr President.

I thank the Health and Social Care Minister and the Health and Care Transformation Programme for bringing this motion before the Court today. 

Funding of residential, nursing and home care costs now and in the future is a major concern for many island residents, especially for those individuals and their families that are having to use up their own hard earned savings or are having to sell significant assets to fund care that is undertaken at home or to pay for nursing and residential […]

Motion – June sitting of Tynwald (removal of the Bishop)

Thank you Mr President 

I am somewhat surprised that we are here again today discussing the removal of the Lord Bishop from the Legislative Council, especially when there are so many other important issues that continue to seriously affect island life at the moment..…

…..I know from speaking too many of my own Constituents in Onchan this isn’t a high priority discussion point. 

Although there is a separate discussion to be had around whether or not the Lord Bishop should retain his vote, I think most people […]

Motion, Jason Moorhouse – Rates on Empty Properties

Thank you Mr. President

I would like to start by thanking my colleague Mr. Moorhouse for bringing this Motion before the Court today. 

I think the intention of the motion is right….but I do have some serious concerns around the wording of this particular motion as tabled. 

Firstly, there are some genuine reasons why an individual or business could apply for an exemption of rates in respect of a particular property, which has been left vacant for a significant period of time. 

Delays in obtaining planning […]

Motion, Julie Edge, MHK – June Tynwald (Set up a select Committee)

tynwaldThank you Mr. President 

Happy to second this motion from my Onchan colleague Ms Edge. 

The motion on the Order Paper is about establishing a Select of Committee of three members to consider and report back on the current procedure and process for regulating the conduct of Tynwald Members. 

These particular Standing Orders were only reviewed and updated back in June 2017, and revised again in April 2021. 

So why am I supporting the motion here today?

Mainly because over the past few months I […]

Oral Health in Children

Thank you Mr President, 

I would like to start by thanking the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee for their excellent report into “Oral Health in Children” on our island. 

I think we can all acknowledge the importance of good oral health, which should begin at a young age, because it does form a very important part of our overall health and wellbeing. 

As the report highlights, poor levels of oral health can affect an individual’s capacity to eat, speak, smile and even to socialise. 

Therefore, I […]


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