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Rob Callister, MHK

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House of Keys

Motion – November sitting of House of Keys (Bishop’s Vote)

Thank you Mr Speaker 

I am somewhat surprised that we are here yet again discussing the removal of the Lord Bishop’s right to vote in Tynwald and Legislative Council, especially when this item was only discussed in June this year. 

The Hon Member for Ramsey as the current Minister for Health and Social Care for the Isle of Man is no doubt fully aware that his Department and Manx Care are currently facing some serious issues around recruitment, retention and from a financial point of view. 

The […]

Motion to move Assisted Dying into the Bill Committee

assisted dyingThank you Mr Speaker   

I think it is important that I outline very clearly, both to mover of the Bill and to Hon Members of this House that it is not my intention by moving this Motion today to put this very important piece of draft legislation into the political long grass, especially after a very emotional, respectful and an exceptionally high quality debate last week on Assisted Dying, which lasted over five hours. 

I certainly won’t be repeating the speech that I made last week, and […]

Speech on Assisted Dying Bill 2023

assisted dying

Thank you Mr Speaker 

The private Member’s Bill being promoted by the Hon Member for Ramsey, Dr Allinson is a modest Bill with only 14 Clauses, but it is one that needs to be very carefully thought through. 

We know that England and Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands are all looking at introducing legislation on Assisted Dying, and most of them are still at a very early stage, other than our colleagues in Jersey who in November 2021 became the first Parliament in the […]

Tynwald Court


hospitalThank you Mr President,

Our ‘Island Plan’ has an objective to “address how waiting times and access to health and social care services can be improved as a priority” – and this motion for consideration here today directly supports that goal.

Manx Care inherited a significant waiting list backlog across all inpatient, day-case and outpatient specialties. 

These waiting lists were prolonged by the impact of Covid-19 with most specialties reporting more than a 52 week wait for both inpatient surgeries and outpatient appointments. 

I’m sure that many of […]

Oct 2023 (Tynwald Sitting) – Speech on Homelessness

Thank you Mr President 

Happy to second this motion from the Hon. Member for Arbory, Malew and Castletown Mr. Moorhouse, in order to have this very important discussion and debate around “Homelessness” here on the Isle of Man. 

The motion calls on Tynwald to provide greater support for people who find themselves homeless on our island, which I fully support. 

I am also grateful to the Hon Member for Douglas North Mr. Ashford for publishing the Homelessness Strategy late last night, which I will read in greater detail over the next few days.    

Unlike […]

Oct 2023 (Tynwald Sitting) – Speech on the Tolson Report

Housing developmentThank you Mr President 

I note that the DOI Minister is only asking for this Court today to “receive the Tolson report” and for this Court to support a consultation on its preferred option…. 

…and that option is to explore the possibility of setting up a “not for profit” standalone “Housing Association”, in order to transfer and manage the Department’s own Housing Stock of around 1,200 Properties only…

However, as I mentioned in the Tynwald Members Presentation recently, I have some serious concerns regarding this report […]

Tynwald Motion – Nursing Care

Thank you, Mr President.

I thank the Health and Social Care Minister and the Health and Care Transformation Programme for bringing this motion before the Court today. 

Funding of residential, nursing and home care costs now and in the future is a major concern for many island residents, especially for those individuals and their families that are having to use up their own hard earned savings or are having to sell significant assets to fund care that is undertaken at home or to pay for nursing and residential […]

Motion – June sitting of Tynwald (removal of the Bishop)

Thank you Mr President 

I am somewhat surprised that we are here again today discussing the removal of the Lord Bishop from the Legislative Council, especially when there are so many other important issues that continue to seriously affect island life at the moment..…

…..I know from speaking too many of my own Constituents in Onchan this isn’t a high priority discussion point. 

Although there is a separate discussion to be had around whether or not the Lord Bishop should retain his vote, I think most people […]

Motion, Jason Moorhouse – Rates on Empty Properties

Thank you Mr. President

I would like to start by thanking my colleague Mr. Moorhouse for bringing this Motion before the Court today. 

I think the intention of the motion is right….but I do have some serious concerns around the wording of this particular motion as tabled. 

Firstly, there are some genuine reasons why an individual or business could apply for an exemption of rates in respect of a particular property, which has been left vacant for a significant period of time. 

Delays in obtaining planning […]


Opening remarks to the Select Committee on the organization and operation of the 2016 House of Keys General Election – Feb 2017

opening remarks to the Select Committee on the organization and operation of the 2016 House of Keys General Election - Feb 2017

Good Morning Mr Chairman & Honourable Members

First of all, I must thank the Committee for agreeing to hear my evidence this morning.

I must also start by putting on record that I felt that the 2016 House Keys General Election held in the constituency of Onchan was extremely well organised. In my opinion, the Returning Officer Mr Jeremy Callin and his staff showed an excellent level of professionalism to all Candidates throughout […]

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