No increases in bus fares

busThe government will continue to hold bus fares at the April 2013 level for as long as possible despite inflationary pressures.

The remarks were made in the House of Keys by infrastructure minister Tim Crookall, who said that so far, ‘inflationary increases have since been covered by the increasing numbers of bus passengers’.

Mr Crookall added: ‘It is difficult at the present time to predict what further increase in fuel prices may occur, but we will continue to monitor and only increase fares if we need to’.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister had asked what consideration had […]

11 April 2022|

Island ‘needs tourist accommodation for all budgets’ says MHK

Our Island, Our FutureGov’t wants 500,000 visitors per year by 2032

The Isle of Man needs accommodation for tourists with all tastes and budgets if it’s to reach its target of 500,000 annual visitors by 2032.

That’s the belief of the political member responsible for tourism Rob Callister.

Government has unveiled its new Visitor Economy Strategy.

He says government will need to offer support to existing providers to ensure they’re fit for the market.

Mr Callister says current businesses mustn’t be left behind:


11 April 2022|

Thirty percent electricity tariffs appropriate, says MUA chair

Rob CallisterThe chairman of the Manx Utilities Authority has said the recently announced electricity tariff increase of 30% is appropriate for the level of costs expected.

It was announced on March 17 and the rise will be applied in two phases of 15%, with one in April and the other in July.

Rob Callister MHK said in a sitting of the House of Keys earlier this week that energy costs have been ‘highly volatile’ over the last 12 months, specifically wholesale natural gas prices and electricity prices.

11 April 2022|

Sewage Treatment Plant sites in east and west have been identified by MUA

Rob CallisterLand owners and stakeholder groups can expect to learn more next week

Are you an avid sea go-er? If so, you’ll be following the Manx Utilities Authority’s Sewage Treatment Strategy blog with great interest.

The authority’s project to instate treatment plants in the east and west of the Island were put on hold when the pandemic hit, so what progress is being made?

The Manx Utilities Board met last week to receive treatment plant site recommendations from project teams.

Chair of Manx Utilities, Rob Callister MHK sent us the following statement:

‘The Manx Utilities Board met on […]

31 March 2022|

MHK rejects energy supplier regulations

Rob CallisterAll members voted in favour except the Onchan MHK

The only MHK to vote against allowing Manx Gas to set its own tariffs and remove a price freeze says he did so because it was in the best interests of his constituents.

In Tynwald this week, Onchan MHK Rob Callister was the sole dissenter against the new regulations which come into force on 1 April.

The new rules will also allow the Communication and Regulatory Authority to cap revenue that Manx Gas earns from regulated activities.

A formal process for tariff reviews and adjustments will also […]

28 March 2022|

Island’s electricity bills to increase by 30%

Price hikes due to ‘difficult period of volatility’

Electricity bills on the Isle of Man will increase by 30 per cent this year due to a ‘difficult period of volatility’.

The price of electricity will rise by 15 per cent from 1 April with another 15 per cent hike scheduled for July.

Government claims doing it in stages will ‘reduce the impact’ on households and businesses.

It means that for most users the unit price will rise to 19.4 pence –  up from 16.9 pence – the second increase will see the unit price move […]

28 March 2022|

Isle of Man TT: New scoreboard plans to reflect racing heritage

TT scoreboardThe replacement for a historic Isle of Man TT scoreboard will reflect “the heritage and tradition” of over a century of racing, an MHK has said.

Plans have been submitted for a new structure, which will replace the 100-year-old landmark by the TT Grandstand in Douglas that was removed in 2020 due to “irreparable damage”.

The Department for Enterprise (DfE) hopes it will be in place by 2023.

8 March 2022|

New TT Scoreboard ‘hopefully’ ready for 2023 races

TT scoreboardPlanning application being submitted today

A new, replacement TT scoreboard on Glencrutchery Road will ‘hopefully’ be ready for next year’s races.

That’s from the MHK with political responsibility for motorsport, Rob Callister.

The Department for Enterprise is submitting a planning application today (Friday, 4 March).

The previous scoreboard, built in the 1980s, had to be taken down in November 2020 due to structural issues – a temporary board will be in place this year.

The new plans have been drawn up following a public consultation and will include screens to stream the live television broadcast.

It’s expected […]

8 March 2022|

Isle of Man electricity bills could soar up to 39%, energy boss says

Rob CallisterElectricity prices on the Isle of Man could rise by up to 39% later this year, the chairman of Manx Utilities has said.

Rob Callister warned the House of Keys to expect tariffs to climb with the government-owned supplier exposed to “exceptionally high” global gas costs.

It comes after the authority used £16m from its reserves to shield customers from increases over the last year


2 March 2022|

We will ‘act as things happen’ over rising energy bills, says Treasury minister

David AshfordThe Treasury Minister says the government will ’act as things happen’ when it comes to energy price increases.

The price of gas jumped 27.5% in October last year after Tynwald approved Manx Gas’s request.

With these rising costs, Treasury Minister David Ashford was asked if there was any provision for this in the Budget, delivered this week.

He said: ’We have contingency plans around inflation. If the departments are starting to see major impacts themselves then we would have to look at how we would support them.

’If you’re looking at individuals, the […]

21 February 2022|
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