More than 260 take up free bus offer

Bus VanninThe offer of 18 free bus journeys in and out of Douglas have been snapped up by 265 residents, Infrastructure Minister Tim Baker has told Tynwald.

Residents of Onchan and parts of Garff are able to obtain free tickets from Bus Vannin as a concession after new traffic arrangements led to congestion in Onchan and at St Ninian’s crossroads.

In response to a question from Jason Moorhouse (Arbory, Castletown and Malew), Mr Baker revealed that 189 Onchan residents have taken up the offer, with 15 tickets issued to Baldrine and 61 […]

29 August 2020|

MHK calls on police and commissioners to combat vandalism

Rob Callister, MHKCallister believes local and national approach needed

Onchan MHK Rob Callister is calling on the police and local commissioners to work together to combat antisocial behaviour.

He says there are well-known hotspots within his constituency which could be covered by CCTV, and locked up at night.

Mr Callister believes national politicians need to address the bigger issues in society, which could be contributing to the problem.

However, he says there are more immediate actions that can be taken at a local level:

26 August 2020|

No plans to change social security help for care leavers

Rob Callister, MHKThere are no plans to change social security provision for care leavers and estranged young people in education.

Treasury Minister Alfred Cannan said financial support was already provided, via social security, to care leaves and estranged young people, including help to pay for accommodation.

Replying to a written Tynwald question from new children’s champion Rob Callister, Mr Cannan said: ’In addition to regular payments towards food, utilities and housing costs, social security can also pay grants and loans to care leavers and estranged young people in education who get income […]

16 August 2020|

Callister to DOI just an interim appointment

Rob CallisterIt could change following Douglas South by-election

Rob Callister says he might not be in the Department of Infrastructure for long.

The Onchan MHK was appointed to his third government role yesterday, on top of his responsibilities in the departments of enterprise, and environment, food and agriculture.

He’s been given the ports delegation by minister Tim Baker, and will also work on waste management.

Mr Callister says it’s only an interim measure, for now:

Source: Manx Radio
18 July 2020|

Onchan MHK joins DOI with “a lot of difficulties”

Rob CallisterCallister says it’s “better to resolve problems from within”

The promenade scheme, Governor’s Dip and Glencrutchery Road all contributed to Rob Callister’s decision to join the infrastructure department.

He’s joining on an interim basis, with specific responsibility for ports, and will also work on waste management.

The move is in addition to his roles in the departments of enterprise, and environment food and agriculture – positions which he’s keeping.

The Onchan MHK says he wants to help address issues directly affecting his constituents:

You can hear more from Mr Callister on […]

18 July 2020|

Callister joins DoI

Rob Callister, MHKThe Department of Infrastructure has an elected political member again, as Onchan MHK Rob Callister has joined the department, on an interim basis.

Mr Callister’s appointment comes after both Jason Moorhouse and Julie Edge quit the department after Tim Baker was appointed as Minister and Marlene Maska MLC joined.

He will join the DoI as member with responsibility for ports, coming at a time when the future of the island’s border is under perhaps greater scrutiny than ever before.

Mr Baker said: ’I am delighted that Rob has agreed to join […]

18 July 2020|

Pupils return to school

Twelve-week closure comes to an end

All the Island’s schools fully reopen this morning.

They closed 13 weeks ago on 23 March as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These Ballakermeen students have been studying from home during the period and are worried about the long-term implications on their education:

Maths teacher at Ballakermeen Tiffany Baker says the return will feel very different from a normal start to a term.

She understands some pupils will be anxious while others will be excited:

The newly appointed Children’s Champion agrees it’ll […]

22 June 2020|

New Children’s Champion appointed

Rob CallisterRob Callister MHK takes up role

Vulnerable young people on the Island now have a new Children’s Champion.

Rob Callister MHK will take up the position, which was designed to give children in need a voice.

He takes over from Tim Baker, who’s moved into the infrastructure ministerial position.

The role is focused on representing the interests of children in care, young carers, and children with complex needs, when decisions that will affect them are made.

Mr Callister says his own personal trial and tribulations as a youngster should be invaluable to the position:

20 June 2020|

Tynwald votes to end Manx Gas deal

Manx Gas will be given notice at the end of this month to end its controversial regulatory deal with government.

The move came following a motion tabled by ousted minister Chris Thomas who was unsuccessful in getting a new voluntary agreement after more than 12 months of negotiations.

Mr Thomas, who was sacked as Policy and Reform Minister, said time had run out for a deal. ’Let’s just do it – vote to give notice, vote to put in place better regulation,’ he told Tynwald.

His motion was amended by Infrastructure Minister Ray […]

18 June 2020|

The Manx Gas delay – who is to blame?

Details of new agreement now due next month

A new gas regulatory agreement is “long, long overdue” says one MHK, but who is to blame for the delay?

Dollin Mercer has this report:

Tynwald agreed to terminate the 2015 regulatory agreement with Manx Gas at this month’s sitting, following a motion from the former policy and reform minister, Chris Thomas.

But following a successful amendment from his successor, Ray Harmer, we won’t know more about a new deal until after next month’s sitting.

Chris Thomas was the man in charge of […]

18 June 2020|
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