Isle of Man winter electricity price cap backed by Tynwald

gasA loan of up to £26m to state energy provider Manx Utilities (MU) has been approved by Tynwald.

It means electricity prices will be capped at current levels for homes and businesses until the end of March 2023.

MU had forecast a 70% hike in bills from October to pay for the spiralling cost of wholesale gas.

The funds, to be taken from treasury reserves, will be […]

26 September 2022|

Isle of Man mini-reshuffle sees backbencher moved to health minster

Rob CallisterA mini-reshuffle in the Isle of Man’s Council of Ministers has seen a backbench MHK become the new health minister.

Rob Callister promised to look at “areas of concern” such as staff shortages within Manx Care.

The rejig sees former health minister Lawrie Hooper take charge of the enterprise department.

That portfolio had been in the care of Chief Minister Alfred Cannan following […]

22 September 2022|

New health minister “looking forward to the challenge”

Rob CallisterRob Callister takes over as Lawrie Hooper moves to Enterprise

The new health minister says he’s “looking forward to the challenge” of his new role.

Rob Callister has taken up the position after signing his warrant at Government House on Friday (16 September).

It’s after the chief minister announced a mini reshuffle which sees former health minister Lawrie Hooper moving to lead the Department for Enterprise.

Ayre and Michael MHK Tim Johnston is set to chair Manx Utilities – a position Mr Callister has now vacated.

The […]

22 September 2022|

Delayed cost of living evidence session to take place on Tuesday

Treasury Minister and Manx Utilities chairman among those to appear

Delayed evidence on government’s response to the cost of living crisis will be heard next week.

The Public Accounts Committee had been due to hear about support packages for those impacted by rising energy prices last week, but the session was postponed following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

The hearing will now take place on Tuesday morning, with Treasury Minister Dr Alex Allinson and government’s Interim Chief Financial Officer David Catlow giving evidence from 8am.

Representatives from Manx Utilities, including chairman Rob […]

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£200,000 paid out to civil servants since May 10

Rob CallisterThe Chief Minister has revealed that £223,781 has been paid out to civil servants who have left their post since May 10.

Figures on the number of civil servants to leave, their aggregated salaries, departure money and pension status were asked for by Onchan MHK Rob Callister.

Alfred Cannan’s figures show that 80 civil servants have resigned, retired or been dismissed since May 10 and that they had an aggregate salary of £3,333,494.

However, the figure of £223,781 will appear low to those expecting to […]
3 August 2022|Tags: , |

Isle of Man hosepipe ban comes into force as reservoir levels drop

Reservoir image copyright ManxscenesA hosepipe ban has come into force on the Isle of Man to allow water stocks to recover after a prolonged period of dry weather.

Domestic customers of Manx Utilities (MU) could be fined up to £2,000 if they flout the ban.

MU chairman Rob Callister said the temporary ban was a “precaution” since further dry spells were forecast.

Adrian Cowin, of […]

3 August 2022|Tags: , |

No fines ever issued to those breaking hosepipe bans

HosepipeManx Utilities chair says it’s credit to people behaving responsibly

The chair of Manx Utilities has admitted no fines have ever been handed out to people ignoring previous hosepipe bans.

One’s being introduced from just after midnight on Friday, after it was revealed the Island’s reservoir stocks are currently at 70 percent.

Anyone caught using their hosepipe after that could face a fine of £2,000.

Rob Callister says it’s credit to the Manx public that none have ever been issued:


30 July 2022|Tags: , |

Isle of Man hosepipe ban to begin on Friday

Reservoir image copyright ManxscenesA hosepipe ban will begin on the Isle of Man following a period of extremely dry weather.

The restrictions will come into force at midnight on Friday, Manx Utilities confirmed.

It comes after an unusually dry spring, which was followed by a 50% drop in the average rainfall in June.

A spokeswoman for the company said that despite a campaign to use […]

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Further £16.95 million approved for sewage works in Peel and Garff

PeelTynwald members reject further external review

Tynwald has voted to spend a further £16.95 million on regional sewage works in Peel, Laxey and Baldrine.

It’s on top of £23.5 million previously approved for the scheme.

Chair of Manx Utilities Rob Callister told Tynwald that pumping sewage to Meary Veg – the facility where sewage from other parts of the Island is processed – was not the preferred option because it would be more costly and wouldn’t support government’s carbon targets.

He told members immediate action is needed:

Middle MHK Stu Peters said […]

20 July 2022|Tags: , |

‘End discharge of raw sewage into the sea’ says MUA

Rob Callister, MHKChairman set to ask Tynwald for millions of pounds to complete work

The time has come to end the discharge of raw sewage into the sea.

That’s the message from the Chairman of Manx Utilities, Rob Callister, who will ask Tynwald for £16.9 million to complete government’s regional sewage treatment strategy at the July sitting.

The money would be on top of a previous Tynwald vote of £23.5 million.

Mr Callister says the work, which it’s hoped will be completed in 2024, will focus on Laxey and Peel:

20 July 2022|Tags: , |

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