Hospitality sector ‘must be flexible’ ahead of TT 2022

Bikes at TTPlans for festival ‘full steam ahead’ says MHK

Preparations for TT 2022 are ‘full steam ahead’ but hotels, and hospitality businesses, must be flexible if circumstances change.

That’s according to the MHK who has responsibility for motorsport.

Rob Callister admits there needs to be a clear message from government that the Island is open for business from both a TT and tourist point of view.

He says current air routes should be able to cope with the potential demand during next year’s festival:

24 November 2021|

MHK calls for clearer definition of ‘affordable housing’

Callister says it was a topic raised during Jersey trip

An Onchan MHK says the definition of ‘affordable housing’ needs to be defined better on the Isle of Man.

Rob Callister has returned from Jersey.

He was one of seven politicians who took a two day Commonwealth parliamentary trip to the Channel Island.

He told Manx Radio discussions there showed there needs to be a clearer idea of the cost of the so-called ‘affordable’ property:


19 November 2021|

IoM ‘should not need a food bank’

A member of the new poverty committee said a small island with a population of 84,000 ‘should not need a food bank’.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister is one of five Tynwald members tasked with investigating causes of poverty on the island and what the government can do to tackle it.

He said the group will look at the urgent social issues raised by islanders in the run up to September’s general election.

It comes after Tynwald voted unanimously to re-form the Poverty Committee.

The former committee published a report last July recommending that the island’s minimum wage (£8.25) be brought in line with the […]

19 November 2021|

Caine wants to see a Children’s Commissioner for the island

Garff MHK Daphne Caine is calling for the establishment of a children’s commissioner role, as exists in Jersey and across the UK.

Mrs Caine, the former children’s champion, described that role as being not fit for purpose, and said that a ’non-political’ commissioner could be more effective as an ’independent human rights monitor’.

The champion role should be replaced with a children’s commissioner who could be ’more effective than any single backbencher could ever be’.

After initiating the debate on the issue, Mrs Caine received support from members such as current children’s champion […]

2 November 2021|

Manx Gas Wanted Much Bigger Increase

While islanders are facing a mountainous gas price hike this winter, MHKs have revealed that it could’ve been much worse.

Tynwald yesterday backed the recommendation of the Communications and Utilities Regulatory Authority to increase the price cap by 2.1 pence per unit of gas (27.5%). This, Manx Gas says, allows it to break even on the gas it is selling on island.

During the Tynwald debate Onchan MHK Rob Callister described voting for the increase as a ‘leap of faith’ but one he said he would take after Treasury Minister David Ashford outlined the support that would be available for the lowest […]

23 October 2021|

Airport work ensures Ronaldsway complies with CAA requirements

RonaldswayRegulator ‘raised concerns’ over facilities at Isle of Man Airport

A £9 million scheme to improve sections of runway at Ronaldsway will ensure it complies with Civil Aviation Authority requirements.

The regulator had highlighted concerns ahead of the work being carried out.

It’s also hoped the project will enable larger aircraft to come to the Island in the future.

MHK Rob Callister has responsibility for ports – he believes investing in the airport was vital ahead of next year’s tourist season:

Source: Manx Radio

6 October 2021|

Business case for TT scoreboard ‘not strong enough’

TT scoreboardTemporary structure for 2022 while new case it put forward

The replacement TT scoreboard won’t be in place for 2022’s races because Treasury said the business case for the new structure wasn’t strong enough.

That’s from the political member in charge of motorsport on the Island, Rob Callister MHK.

The proposals have now been resubmitted to Treasury ahead of next year’s budget, and it’s hoped the new board will be constructed in time for TT 2023.

Mr Callister says a temporary facility will be used next year:

5 October 2021|


Julie Edge and Robert Callister have been re-elected to represent the people of Onchan in the House of Keys.

Mr Callister topped the poll with 1,600 votes, with Julie Edge coming in with 1,363 votes.

Turnout in the constituency was 45.05% – with 2,346 votes, down from 49.2% back in 2016.

James Cherry obtained 570, Peter Willers at 432 and Michael Leather at 177.

Source: 3FM

5 October 2021|

No change in Onchan

Rob Callister and Julie EdgeSecond term for Rob Callister and Julie Edge

There’s no change in Onchan as Rob Callister and Julie Edge have been re-elected.

Both have been returned for a second term in the House of Keys, having first been elected in 2016.

Mr Callister topped the poll with 1,600 votes, and is calling for all elected members to work together:

Meanwhile, Ms Edge was second with 1,363:

Former Onchan Commissioner James Cherry received 570 votes, Liberal Vannin’s Peter Willers had 433 and Michael Leather picked up […]

5 October 2021|

Re-elected MHK not ruling out ministerial role

Rob CallisterOnchan member insists constituency matters still a priority

An MHK elected for a second term in the House of Keys isn’t ruling out taking up a ministerial role in the new administration.

Rob Callister topped the standings in Onchan, with 1,600 votes, retaining the seat he first gained in 2016.

Mr Callister has held a number of government roles since being voted in.

When asked by Manx Radio if he’s targeting a ministerial post he insisted constituents remain a priority:

5 October 2021|
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