Don’t mention Manx Radio during radio coverage of the TT

The commentary for the 2019 TT will not be a Manx Radio product and the station will have to drop its Manx Radio TT branding.

A freedom of information request from the Isle of Man Examiner reveals the terms agreed by the Department for Enterprise and Manx Radio for this year’s TT and Festival of Motorcycling, which was presented as a DfE memorandum.

At the time of our request, the final contract had not been signed but it is understood that the proposal outlined was, with a few minor changes, later agreed.

The new agreement, which is set to cost taxpayers […]

19 April 2019|

Edge refuses to answer question about Post Office

Post Office chairman Julie Edge has refused to answer a House of Keys question about the decision to terminate a contract with a UK bank.

The contract with Santander UK, to process bank customers’ deposits through post officers, is due to stop on Monday.

Rob Callister (Onchan) has been a vocal critic of that decision and tabled a question for written answer in the House of Keys this week, asking for details of the value of Santander transactions carried out over post office counters.

But Ms Edge and the Post Office sought the permission of Speaker Juan Watterson to not answer […]

19 April 2019|

Housing authorities broke spending cap on multiple occasions

MHK calls for maintenance cap to be lifted

Housing authorities broke their maintenance spending cap on at least ten occasions in the last seven years.

The Department of Infrastructure limits how much rental income can be spent on property upkeep.

It was revealed Onchan Commissioners broke the allowance cap three years in a row, between 2013-2016, with other authorities such as Port St Mary and Malew also going above the limit some years.

The figures do fluctuate based on the size of stock, the age and condition of properties, and the scale of required maintenance schemes, which vary year on year.

The Department will accept […]

19 April 2019|

Department to make £75,000 per year from school bus fare increase

The Department of infrastructure will make an additional £75,000 a year from increasing school bus fares.

The figure was revealed by Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer in response to a question in the House of Keys earlier this week.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister asked him how much his department will receive, as a result of the 10p increase – which was implemented earlier this month.

In response, he revealed the department expects to generate an increase in the region of £75,000 per year – depending upon the impact of the change on demand.

Source: 3FM

19 April 2019|

MHK criticises school bus fare “stealth tax”

Rob Callister says price hike wasn’t included in budget

An MHK has criticised the Department of Infrastructure for introducing a price rise that wasn’t included in the budget.

Onchan member Rob Callister raised the issue of the recent increase to school bus fares at this morning’s sitting of the House of Keys.

Minister Ray Harmer insists fares are heavily subsidised by government and more children may now walk or cycle to school.

However, Mr Callister says this doesn’t explain why the increase was so suddenly brought in earlier this month:

Source: Manx Radio

19 April 2019|

School buses, public sector housing questions feature in Keys

Four MHKs table 11 questions for oral answer

There are 11 questions for oral answer and 18 for written response in this  week’s sitting of the House of Keys.

The increase to the cost of using school buses, price rises at the Isle of Man Post Office and the number of oncologists on the Island are among the topics that will feature this morning.

Six of the oral questions will be answered by Infrastructure Minister Ray Harmer, including a number of queries relating to public sector housing maintenance.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister has tabled the most questions, with four for oral response and […]

19 April 2019|

MHK seeks statement on Post Office price rise

Believes increase could put local businesses off

An MHK believes the recent increase to the cost of sending a letter on the Island will put some businesses off using the postal service.

Isle of Man Post Office recently announced a 5p increase to 57p to send a letter.

Onchan member Rob Callister will seek a statement for chairman Julie Edge at next week’s sitting of the House of Keys.

He believes this price rise will mean some look for cheaper services.

Source and audio file: Manx Radio

13 April 2019|

MHK to query patient transfer support

Will the department of Health and Social Care increase the amount given to patients travelling to the UK for treatment?

That’s the question on the lips of Onchan MHK Rob Callister, who’ll raise the issue in the House of Keys next week.

He’ll ask the Health and Social Care Minister what plans his department has to up the contribution given to those going to the UK, and also requiring overnight accommodation.

The sitting is due to get underway in Douglas on Tuesday at 10am.

Source: 3FM

13 April 2019|

Patient transfer service under review

The service provided by the patient transfer team is being reviewed by health chiefs.

The team arranges transfer for patients who need to travel to the UK for treatment.

Lawrie Hooper (LibVannin, Ramsey) praised the job done by those on the team but, in the House of Keys last week, he added: ’As we all know, flights can change and be cancelled at very short notice.

’Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to get hold of the patient transfer team in these circumstances.’

Health Minister David Ashford said: ’There is already a review being undertaken.’

The service handled 17,000 transfers a year, he […]

10 April 2019|

Students invite MHKs to debate Syrian refugees motion

Debate club votes in favour of housing refugees on Island

Relief aid will be more beneficial to Syrian refugees than housing them on Island.

That’s one of the views of Health and Social Care Minister David Ashford.

He voiced his argument against the motion of allowing Syrian families on the Isle of Man at a recent school event, organised by the St Ninian’s debate club.

Standing alongside Mr Ashford was Rob Callister MHK, while MHKs Daphne Caine and Bill Shimmins argued in favour.

The against party told the room how the Isle of Man has donated £1.5 million to the tragedy.

Debate club secretary Cameron Odea, says when choosing between Relief Aid or housing […]

7 April 2019|
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