Onchan boundaries do need reviewing says MHK

Rob CallisterBoard agrees to air concerns at next commission review

After residents complained of confusion over local and national electoral boundaries, Onchan Commissioners have resolved to raise awareness of the issue.

The board agreed on Monday (10 June) to air the concerns at the next boundary commission review, scheduled to be held after the 2021 general election.

A restructuring of the House of Keys boundaries in 2016 resulted in 2,500 residents in the Howstrake area of Onchan moving into the newly-created Garff constituency.

During this split, some ratepayers in the village also fell under the Douglas North electoral […]

16 June 2019|

Horse trams make a loss during TT

Fewer than 1,500 people took a ride on the horse trams during TT fortnight – meaning it cost more to staff the trams than it made in fares.

The decision of the Department of Infrastructure to open up a tiny section of the horse tram tracks for this season – between Strathallan and Switzerland Road – has caused raised eyebrows, especially from traders whose businesses are suffering a loss of trade due to the £20 million promenades refurbishment scheme.
Some also argued that the operation of horse trams during the TT added to congestion […]

16 June 2019|

Credit Union in Onchan

manx credit unionMCU staff invited to political surgery

Residents of Onchan have a chance to meet with volunteers from the Manx Credit Union this weekend.

Rob Callister MHK has invited them to attend his political surgery in the Onchan Community Hub, from 10am to 11:30am on Saturday (15 June).

Established in January 2017, the Manx Credit Union is owned and managed by its members – unlike a traditional bank which operates to make profits for external shareholders.

That allows the organisation to provide ethical savings options and affordable loans, says Mr Callister, who feels its […]

13 June 2019|

Brexit and cervical screening to be discussed in House of Keys

Brexit, climate change and the fairy houses will all be discussed in today’s sitting of the House of Keys.

Onchan MHK Rob Callister will ask the Health Minister whether routine cervical screening will be offered to women from the age of 20 on the Island – currently the age is 25.

Julie Edge will ask the Minister for Education, Sport and Culture as to what student funding is available for those after school leaving age.

The sitting gets underway at 10am.

Source: Energy FM

11 June 2019|

Cervical screening age to be questioned

Rob CallisterWill routine cervical screening be offered to women from the age of 20?

That’s the question Onchan MHK Rob Callister will put to the Health Minister in the House of Keys tomorrow.

Currently, screenings are offered to women once they are 25-years-old.

The sitting will get underway tomorrow morning at 10am.

Source: 3FM

11 June 2019|

MHK to query horse tram running costs

horse tramsHow much did it cost to run the horse trams during this year’s TT?

That’s the question on the lips of Onchan MHK Rob Callister – who’ll ask in the House of Keys next week.

As well as the price, he also wants to know how many people used the facility throughout the festival fortnight.

The next sitting is due to get underway on Tuesday at 10am.

Source: 3FM

11 June 2019|

We will act against Miami firm selling TT clothing

A Miami-based online outfit is selling unlicensed TT merchandiseA government department says it will take action against all TT trademark infringements – whether on or off-island.

The Department for Enterprise was last week criticised after a Ramsey store was ordered to remove its TT-themed clothing from sale.

Trading standards officers, acting on a tip-off, called in to Looneys to advise that the T-shirts bearing the legend ’If you want me to listen…talk about the TT’ were an unauthorised use of a trademark.

Looneys subsequently put the T-shirts back on sale after taking their […]

11 June 2019|

Just poTTy

Government has been accused of peTTy heavy-handedness after a store was ordered to remove TT T-shirts from sale.

Trading standards officers, acting on a tip-off, called in to Looneys of Ramsey on Tuesday to advise that the T-shirts bearing the legend ’If you want me to listen…talk about the TT’ were an unauthorised use of a trademark.

Looneys later said that having taken advice they had put the T-shirts back on sale.

The politician in charge of motorsport said this was about protecting revenue streams and a six-figure exclusive contract with a T-shirt […]

5 June 2019|

‘Market forces’ to blame for sky-high travel fares

DfE member ‘not happy’ about expensive flight cost

‘Market forces’ are to blame for hugely inflated travel prices during the TT period, according to the politician responsible for tourism.

It comes after it emerged easyJet are charging more than £450 for a one-way flight off the Island on Senior Race Day (7 June).

The airline defended the fare, insisting its pricing structure changes based on the demand for certain flights.

In a statement to Manx Radio, a spokesperson for easyJet said “the fare highlighted is not representative of the low fares the vast majority of passengers have paid, and two […]

1 June 2019|

Isle of Man patient hotel allowance to almost double

The accommodation allowance paid to Isle of Man patients who are referred to UK hospitals for treatment is set to almost double, the Manx health minister has said.

From 1 June, patients and their escorts will be able to claim up to £50 per night, up from £28.

The figure for accommodation in London will rise from £41.50 to £74.

David Ashford MHK said the increases would “give comfort” to those receiving treatment away from the island.

Rob Callister MHK, who raised concerns over the issue in the House of Keys in April, said […]

25 May 2019|
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