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Despite the ongoing restrictions around “social distancing” and “self-isolation” as a result of Covid 19, I am still intending to hold my Onchan MHK Political Surgery on Saturday 18th April 2020.

Instead of asking people to join me at the Onchan Hub (the Community Centre) for a coffee and general catch up, I will be instead holding a “Virtual Political Surgery” between 9.30am and 12noon.

All appointments will be one to one (or per household, etc) via 10 minute slots, which will be allotted on a first come, first served basis, but I will be happy to extend the surgery session if required, by arrangement.

At the moment I can schedule virtual meetings via “Teams”, “Zoom”, “Messenger”, “FaceTime” or even back to the old fashioned “Telephone” – just message me with your preferred time slot (if available) and the method by which you want to connect.

Time Slots
9.30am, 9.45am, 10am, 10.15am, 10.30am, 10.45am, 11am, 11.15am, 11.30am, 11.45am and 12noon.

Don’t worry if you are still having breakfast – but you will need to supply your own coffee and tea, along with the toast and marmalade, etc….!

If you can’t make Saturday, then just let me know and we will schedule an individual meeting at a more convenient time that suits you, because I know Covid 19 is affecting so many people at the moment.