MHK Blog 23rd to 29th March 2020

2020-03-28T07:59:01+00:0028 March 2020|

Blog 29 Mar 20The Isle of Man woke up a different place on Monday morning as the Manx Government announced last Sunday that access to the island would be closed to non-residents from 9am on Monday, in order to help contain the spread […]

MHK Blog 16th to 22nd March 2020

2020-03-21T08:54:26+00:0021 March 2020|

Blog 22 Mar 20Given the events that have unfolded this week my Blog is lengthy, so grab a coffee and settle down – and if you only ever read one of my Blogs, then please read this one….

As an MHK I have come […]

MHK Blog 9th to 15th Mar 2020

2020-03-14T11:15:39+00:0014 March 2020|

Blog 15 Mar 20In the House of Keys on Tuesday morning, the DOI Minister, Ray Harmer, MHK announced that Loganair was to operate two daily flights between Isle of Man and the Liverpool from Thursday morning.

The Loganair aircraft being used is a Saab […]

MHK Blog 2nd to 8th Mar 2020

2020-03-08T00:19:49+00:008 March 2020|

Blog 8 Mar 20The collapse of the regional airline Flybe early on Thursday morning will seriously affect the Isle of Man, not just for local residents travelling to and from the UK, but also for the island’s tourism industry, which was just starting […]

MHK Blog 24th Feb to 1st Mar 2020

2020-02-29T08:51:38+00:0029 February 2020|

Blog 1 Mar 20I mentioned a few weeks ago that the DfE team went to look around an office based in Douglas and that I wasn’t able to publish any further details until the Company had issued a formal press release.

Well that Company […]

MHK Blog 17th to 23rd Feb 2020

2020-02-22T13:58:27+00:0022 February 2020|

This week the Treasury Minister, Alf Cannan, MHK delivered his fourth budget of this administration, entitled a Budget of Focus.

I guess most people will only see the increase in personal tax allowances, child benefits and the increase in the upper levels for national […]

MHK Blog 10th to 16th Feb 2020

2020-02-15T09:49:57+00:0015 February 2020|

Blog 16 Feb 20You never do get two days the same in this role, last week seemed quiet and peaceful and this week there simply weren’t enough hours in the day to do everything….

It certainly didn’t help that Boardpad, the app which holds […]

MHK Blog 3rd to 9th Feb 2020

2020-02-08T08:03:29+00:008 February 2020|

Blog 9 Jan 20This was another one of those weeks which didn’t feel stressful or particularly busy, but there was certainly a lot of reading involved and a lot of small tasks that took up a considerable amount of time.

Last Saturday lunchtime I […]

MHK Blog 27th Jan to 2nd Feb 2020

2020-02-01T08:15:57+00:001 February 2020|

Blog 2 Feb 20A change of pace this week after a busy Tynwald sitting last week, but I am not complaining because it has enabled me to catch up with correspondence, projects and a lot of reading especially relating to the Education Bill […]

MHK Blog 20th to 26th Jan 2020

2020-01-25T08:47:13+00:0025 January 2020|

Blog 26 Jan 20Tuesday this week saw the first sitting of Tynwald in 2020, and it was certainly a bumper sitting with several big items up for discussion, including an £8 million Supplementary Vote from the Department of Health and Social Care, the […]