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8th Feb to 17th Feb 2019

Blog 17 Feb 19I don’t know if anyone remembers the TV show called “Quantum Leap” in which a former scientist Sam Beckett finds himself trapped in time due to an experiment gone wrong, resulting in him leaping into a different person each week……

Definitely one of my favourite programmes from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Anyway, the reason for the reference is because I felt I stepped back into a previous life this week when I travelled to Bradford to watch the International Professional Pool Association (IPA) World Championships, which were being held […]

MHK Blog 1st to 7th Feb 2019

Blog 7 Feb 19I saw a comment online this week asking why MHK’s ask silly questions in the House of Keys and Tynwald or ask questions that appear to be very minor on the surface, especially when the Isle of Man has so many big issues that need addressing such as the Public Sector Pensions, Post Office and Utilities etc.

Most questions have a genuine reason behind them, maybe because a Constituent has asked their MHK to table the question or the MHK / MLC in question is looking to raise the public […]

MHK Blog 28th to 31st January 2019

Blog 3 Feb 19This week is the start of what I consider to be a very busy period for me, which will lead up to the 2019 Budget. The Treasury Minister will be delivering his third Budget on Tuesday 19th February in Tynwald, but there is still a lot of work to do before then.

Hopefully by then we will also have a better understanding of how the UK intends to leave the European Union, but I have a feeling that we are definitely heading now for a No Deal, which will benefit […]

MHK Blog 21st to 27th January 2019

Blog 27 Jan 19It has definitely been a strange week with a few meetings and briefings cancelled at the last minute, but I have involved myself in a number of Constituent matters this week that required very detailed correspondence to be drafted.

A massive thank you to David Ashford, MHK and Malcolm Couch at the DHSC, along with Nick Black at DOI for helping to address some of those concerns very quickly this week on behalf of Constituents.

I often say that you never get two days the same in this role…

As for this […]

MHK Blog 14th to 20th January 2019

Blog 20 Jan 19This week was definitely “High Noon” for UK Politics as our Parliamentary colleagues in Westminster finally got to vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which has dominated UK media coverage for the past eighteen months.

The debate certainly escalated to a new level when the UK Prime Minister and her Government delayed a “meaningful vote” on her Brexit deal back in December 2018.

As I write this section of my Blog late on Monday evening, the Manx Government continues to be a spectator sitting on the sidelines without any real voice […]

MHK Blog 1st to 13th January 2019

Blog 13 jan 19Back into the office this week after an enjoyable Christmas break, which was only interrupted by a continuing heavy cold throughout the Christmas period.

I still genuinely believe that 2019 will be the most difficult year for this political administration. I can only hope that the Council Ministers fully engage with backbench MHK’s, and don’t simply try to push key decisions though, especially those decisions involving Brexit and the setting up of a Beneficial Owners Register etc.

I must also offer my apologies to Onchan Constituents, and Local Authorities especially Onchan […]

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