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MHK Blog 14th to 20th Oct 2019

Blog 20 Oct 19Tynwald took centre stage this week, and it was certainly a bumper sitting with plenty of topics for debate amongst the Tynwald members – but more on that later….

Onchan resident and national treasure, Hector Duff, BEM celebrated his 100th birthday this week, which included a special function at Government House on Tuesday evening.

Unfortunately, I was unable to attend Government House that evening myself because of the Tynwald sitting – although the President did give me permission to leave during the tea break, but by that stage I had already […]

MHK Blog 7th to 13th Oct 2019

Blog 13 Oct 19It is fair to say that the Isle of Man has been a pretty miserable place over the past couple of weeks or so, especially when it feels like it has rained continually for 40 days and 40 nights.

Forgetting the heavy rain and strong winds for a moment, along with having to spend several weekends clearing guttering and picking up leaves etc, I actually do enjoy this time of the year.

There is nothing better than lighting the fire and shutting the curtains during the autumn months in the gradual […]

MHK Blog 30th Sept to 6th Oct 2019

Blog 6 Oct 19On Monday evening I attended a PAG meeting at the Manx Legion, which was organised in conjunction with the 5G AWAREIOM.

Certainly one of the biggest PAG meetings I have attended with around 150 people in the audience to listen to Prof Olle Johansson and Stefanie Kerwin outline their concerns relating to 5G, WiFi and the amount of wireless technology that is being forced onto the general public, which could increase even further if the island introduces 5G across the island.

Two excellent presentations given, but it was definitely a very […]

MHK Blog 23rd to 29th Sept 2019

Blog 29 Sep 19In my 2016 House of Keys General Election Manifesto, I made reference to “Members’ Expenses” that all Tynwald Members receive. I promised Onchan Constituents back then that I would publish a full list of my expenses incurred each year, if elected…..

What I didn’t realise was how difficult it would be to publish this type of information, because I was never going to be able to publish a list of expenses that everyone would agree with.

Members’ expenses are not something new, Tynwald Members have been receiving these monthly expenses for […]

MHK Blog 16th to 22nd Sept 2019

Blog 22 Sep 19Back in the office this week and it was straight into Brexit and the Area Plan for the East issues.

I noticed when I was away that the Manx Government has published a new Brexit Guide for Isle of Man Residents and Businesses entitled “Are you Ready for Brexit?”….

I enclose a link to the report, which is certainly worth a read, especially if you are not a British citizen living in the Isle of Man;…/isle-of-man-brexit-guide-interactive-v…

In the overview given by the Chief Minister, […]

MHK Blog 9th to 15th Sept 2019

Blog 15 Sep 19This week brings to a close our amazing Alaskan adventures over the past three weeks as we say farewell to the United States and to Canada and head home, not forgetting Iceland which was our first stop a few weeks ago.

It has been a wonderful holiday with lots of great memories, especially from some amazing excursions that we were fortunate enough to undertake, but also from the various people we have met along the way.

With more and more discussions around carbon footprints in respect of long-haul flights, I do […]

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