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MHK Blog 12th to 18th Aug 2019

Blog 18 Aug 19The draft Eastern Area Plan was back on the agenda this week as I attended a public meeting scheduled by Onchan District Commissioners on Wednesday evening.

The Area Plan will definitely be one of the biggest topics over the next six to twelve months, especially in Onchan which has one particular site that could cause a considerable amount of infrastructure, sewerage and traffic concerns in the future.

More on that topic shortly….

Also this week the Chief Minister reflected on the first three years of this administration, which was described as “Walked […]

MHK Blog 5th to 11th Aug 2019

Blog 11 Aug 19This week’s activities can only described as difficult and emotional at times, but also a time for reflection as I reach a certain milestone in my life.

Before all of that, I thought I would start by mentioning a very powerful and thought-provoking article that appeared on the BBC News Channel this week about the escalating level of threats and abuse that MPs currently face in the UK.

Some of the incidents including sending pictures of decapitated bodies, being surreptitiously filmed and having dog mess smeared on their doors.

It does clearly […]

MHK Blog 29th July to 4th August 2019

Blog 4 Aug 19I can’t resist starting this week’s Blog by saying that one particular Government Minister has been taken for a ride this week, as the DEFA Minister, Geoffrey Boot, MHK re-opens the historic carousel at Silverdale Glen.

As a young child we used to head south annually for a full day out at Silverdale Glen, which included the boating lake, the witch’s den and the cafe etc.

It was certainly a big attraction in its day….

The “Best Little Prison in Britain” also hit our TVs this week as cameras went behind the […]

MHK Blog 22nd to 28th July 2019

Blog 28 Jul 19After weeks and weeks of campaigning across the UK, Boris Johnson was finally elected the new Conservative leader in a ballot of party members this week, and became the next Prime Minister of the UK on Wednesday afternoon.

Boris defeated Jeremy Hunt comfortably, winning by 92,153 votes to 46,656 and also became the 14th Prime Minister to be asked by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to form a government.

Anyone who has been watching the “Crown” on Netflix, which I would highly recommend, will know that her first Prime Minister was […]

MHK Blog 15th to 21st July 2019

Blog 21 Jul 19“The Cracks are Showing” – that was the headline in the Manx Independent on Thursday morning, and I don’t think Isle of Man Newspapers were just talking about the promenade, as a number of Ministers came under intense scrutiny in Tynwald this week….

This week was the final Tynwald sitting of this parliamentary session, and it certainly was a long one, and just a little feisty at times as a number of backbench MHK’s held individual Ministers, Departments and the Council of Ministers collectively accountable for various ongoing projects and […]

MHK Blog 8th to 14th July 2019

Blog 14 Jul 19A lot of topics covered in this week’s Blog, so grab a coffee and make yourselves comfortable once again….

Now that the curtains have come down on a wonderful Tynwald Day and the celebrations around our National Day for another year, I have taken a few moments this week to reflect on what I certainly felt had been the best Tynwald celebrations I have attended so far as an MHK.

The weather was perfect throughout the week and having the Grenadier Guards on duty for the guard of honour for Tynwald […]

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