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MHK Blog 2nd to 8th Dec 2019

Blog 8 Dec 19The countdown to Christmas has certainly begun, but given the recent incidents in the UK over the past week or so, the true meaning of Christmas does have greater significance this year.

Christmas time is a religious time for some, but for others it means a time to get together with family and friends, exchange gifts, think of those less fortunate and to reflect on another year gone by….

For me personally, it is normally a quiet affair and involves heading out for various walks and just trying to switch off […]

MHK Blog 25th Nov to 1st Dec 2019

Blog 1 Dec 19There is an excellent article on the Tynwald website this week that records that on 25th November 2019, Tynwald marked the 100th anniversary of the first election of Members to the Legislative Council by Members of the House of Keys.

In 1919, Tynwald passed legislation, which fundamentally changed the membership and powers of the Legislative Council. Prior to 1919, the role and membership hadn’t changed much since the Middle Ages, consisting of representatives of the Judiciary and the Church, along with the Lieutenant Government as presiding officer.

The changes could have […]

MHK Blog 18th to 24th Nov 2019

Blog 24 Nov 19Straight into this week’s activities, which started with me holding my final political surgery of the year at the Onchan Community Hub last Saturday. I think it was the first surgery in which no one called in, which is absolutely fine because it enabled me to catch up with some reading.

My next political surgery is scheduled for Saturday 20th January 2020, but if any Onchan Constituent needs any help especially over the Christmas holidays etc, then please do not hesitate to contact me anytime via social media or my […]

MHK Blog 11th to 17th Nov 2019

Blog 17 Nov 19Last weekend the Isle of Man fell silent to remember and to pay tribute to those who lost their lives fighting for their country, which isn’t restricted simply to the First and Second World Wars.

I saw an unbelievable stat issued by the Isle of Man Government last week that confirmed that during the First World War 8,261 Manxmen enlisted in the armed forces, which represented 82.3% of the Isle of Man’s male population of military age – a very scary thought indeed….

I have already posted a few separate messages […]

MHK Blog 4th to 10th Nov 2019

Blog 10 Nov 19I think over the last three years or so we have all become more aware of Climate Change and that various governments including the Isle of Man have declared a Climate Emergency, but what does it actually mean for the average person in the street?

According to Wikipedia, a Climate Emergency statement sets out a priority by a government to take action in respect of climate change, and by the end of October 2019 more than 1,143 jurisdictions and local governments had declared a climate emergency.

For the Isle of Man […]

MHK Blog 28th Oct to 3rd Nov 2019

Blog 3 Nov 19A massive thank you to the International Professional Pool Association (IPA) for holding their inaugural Isle of Man Open Pool tournament, which was staged on the island last weekend and televised via the BBC Sports website.

Over 160 of the World’s best professional and amateur pool players on the planet, along with around 25 local players took part in a series of tournaments over the three day event held at the Palace Hotel on Douglas Promenade.

Scottish player, Liam Dunster racked up his 3rd Tour title of the year in winning […]

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