MHK Blog 23rd to 29th December 2019

2019-12-28T11:24:51+00:0028 December 2019|

Blog 29 Dec 19To steal a few words from a famous song at this time of year – so this is Christmas and what have you done…..?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas Day and Boxing Day and that everyone was spoiled rotten, […]

MHK Blog 16th to 22nd December 2019

2019-12-21T08:05:14+00:0021 December 2019|

Blog 22 Dec 19With the Conservatives’ UK general election victory last week still ringing in the ears of the Labour leadership and for their supporters across the UK, I do wonder if anyone actually spares a thought for those MPs who have lost […]

TT scoreboard consultation

2019-12-14T10:12:41+00:0014 December 2019|

InterviewPolitical Member with responsibility for motorsport and tourism Rob Callister talks about the public consultation into the future of the TT scoreboard, with the choices of replacing the original with a similar system operated by the scouts or going to high tech big […]

MHK Blog 9th to 15th Dec 2019

2019-12-14T10:01:13+00:0014 December 2019|

Blog 15 Dec 19This week the United Kingdom went back to the ballot box for the third time in just five years, in order to elect a new Prime Minister.

This is after Boris Johnson called a snap General Election at the end of […]

What should the new TT races scoreboard look like?

2019-12-13T11:39:23+00:0013 December 2019|

TT leader boardThat’s the question being asked by government officials – and they want people to give their views before they make a decision.

The scoreboard, which is opposite the TT grandstand on Glencrutchery Road, Douglas, is deteriorating.

It was originally a mobile structure […]

Big response expected to TT scoreboard consultation

2019-12-11T09:01:24+00:0011 December 2019|

TT leader boardDfE says ‘all options are open’

The man with political responsibility for the TT is expecting a big response to a consultation on the future look of the iconic Grandstand scoreboards.

The traditional wooden structure is reaching the end of its operational […]

MHK Blog 2nd to 8th Dec 2019

2019-12-07T09:04:02+00:007 December 2019|

Blog 8 Dec 19The countdown to Christmas has certainly begun, but given the recent incidents in the UK over the past week or so, the true meaning of Christmas does have greater significance this year.

Christmas time is a religious time for some, but […]