MHK Blog 24th to 30th Sept 2018

2018-09-29T08:31:32+01:0029 September 2018|

Blog 30 Sept 18A shorter Blog this week as we continued our road trip in and around the Scottish Highlands.

Last Saturday we said goodbye to our small cottage in Ardentinny on Loch Long near Dunoon and headed further North to […]

MHK Blog 17th to 23rd Sept 2018

2018-09-27T09:21:03+01:0022 September 2018|

Blog 23 Sep 18This week was all about taking a few days off before the next Parliamentary session gets underway in October, but we haven’t travelled too far from home this year.

With a big holiday planned for next year, we have taken the […]

Isle of Man TT 2018: Event races bring £26.8m to Manx economy

2018-09-22T10:46:08+01:0021 September 2018|

This year’s TT festival benefited the Manx economy to the tune of about £26.8m, a government survey has found.

The Department of Enterprise survey said 44,367 spectators had attended this year’s festival. While this was 1.5% down on 2017, the total amount spent by them increased.

The total expenditure of TT visitors […]

Fewer TT visitors – but they spend more

2018-09-22T10:41:48+01:0021 September 2018|

The TT is worth millions to the Manx economy, the government says.

This week it released statistics from the annual visitor survey.

However, those show that the number of visitors actually FELL in 2018. But the amount of money spent by them ROSE.

The Department for Enterprise also says that the number of […]

Bumper year for cruise visitors

2018-09-20T09:32:55+01:0020 September 2018|

It has been a bumper year for cruise ships visiting in the island.

In 2018, 24 cruise ships carrying 8,391 passengers visited the island, along with 6,026 crew.

In 2017, there were 23 cruise shop visits and 3,745 took advantage of a shore excursion

That means there was a 20% increase from […]

MHK’s Annual Expenses

2018-09-20T09:35:04+01:0018 September 2018|

As I mentioned in my 2016 Election Manifesto, each Tynwald Member is entitled to be paid an annual sum to cover any out of pocket expenses when representing or carrying out their duties / functions on behalf of Constituents and this island.

The sum currently stands at £7,012.64 (paid monthly £584.39) and […]

MHK Blog 10th to 16th Sept 2018

2018-09-15T08:16:48+01:0015 September 2018|

Blog 16 Sept 18In this role as an MHK you get the odd week in which there just aren’t enough hours in a day, and this week was definitely one of those, especially with the amount of reading I needed to do for […]

Work permit laws should be relaxed

2018-09-14T11:00:24+01:0014 September 2018|

Outcome of Immigration debate in Douglas

The Isle of Man should ease its work permit laws.

That’s according to the results of a debate on immigration in Douglas last night.

Middle MHK Bill Shimmins argued to liberalise the Island’s current system.

Whilst Onchan Rob Callister opposed that motion.

These members of the audience told Manx Radio […]

Could cruise terminal bring business from afar?

2018-09-14T10:58:31+01:0014 September 2018|

Growing cruise market prompts terminal questions

A busy summer in Douglas Bay has prompted fresh calls for a new cruise terminal.

The cruise visitor market grew by a third in the Island last year, with around 8,000 tourists coming ashore from 24 separate ships.

It’s thought those numbers could grow by another quarter next year.

Large cruise liner terminals are […]

MHK Blog ‪3rd to 9th Sept 2018

2018-09-10T12:23:30+01:0010 September 2018|

Blog 9 Sept 18Last weekend was very busy, I spent a couple of hours on Sunday morning writing my ILS Debate speech from around 7am, but Ellen and I did manage to get out for a walk later on Sunday morning.

We walked just […]