MHK Blog 15th to 19th December 2017

2018-01-29T14:57:05+00:0020 December 2017|

I don’t normally publish two Blogs in the same week, but given the fact I was out of the office last Friday, Monday and Tuesday this week, I guess an explanation is required….

In this role the support given by a partner is invaluable […]

MHK Blog 11th to 14th December 2017

2018-01-29T14:58:28+00:0015 December 2017|

A bitterly cold start to the week as concerns move away from the snow that fell last weekend to the hard ice that greeted many people on Monday morning.

Temperatures fell sharply with many places around the island falling well below zero, which meant […]

MHK Blog 4th to 10th December 2017

2018-01-29T15:00:10+00:0011 December 2017|

The run into the Christmas break has certainly started, as I have started to notice Christmas lights being switched on and decorations going up all across the island – not forgetting the snow.

I didn’t mention it in last week’s Blog as I wanted […]

MHK Blog 27th Nov to 3rd Dec 2017

2018-01-29T15:01:44+00:005 December 2017|

After a busy weekend in Birmingham looking around the Motorcycle Live event, I was in catch-up mode last Sunday afternoon.

The Flybe flight was again on time and I arrived home for around 15.30 on Sunday afternoon. Once the fire was lit I started […]

Review of Tourism Legislation

2018-01-17T09:51:33+00:005 December 2017|

The Department for Enterprise has issued a consultation on possible changes to the Island’s tourism legislation.

The consultation will review the existing tourism legislation in the Isle of Man and seek the views of interested parties on possible changes. The objective is to ensure […]