MHK Blog – 17th to 24th Sept 2017

2018-03-27T19:45:20+01:0024 September 2017|

Blog 24 Sep 17Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and change my Blog style and give more details on the meetings and events etc where possible and remove some of the timelines, but happy to revert back if […]

MHK Blog – 11th to 17th Sept 2017

2018-03-27T19:42:51+01:0017 September 2017|

Blog 17 Sep 17We arrived home late last Sunday evening after our flight from Birmingham was delayed again. This time it wasn’t due to any technical problems but the fact that there was an extra bag aboard the aircraft.

We also came back a […]

MHK Blog – Thurs 31st Aug to 10th Sept 2017

2018-03-27T19:40:08+01:0010 September 2017|

Blog Sep 17Apologies for the delay in posting this week’s Blog – hopefully the enclosed will explain what I have been up to over the past ten days……

Thursday 31st August was the start of my holiday to Norway with Ellen, but I only […]