MHK Blog 22nd to 28th May 2017

2018-04-11T14:45:15+01:0028 May 2017|

Blog 28 May 17Monday was the start of a very busy, but also very exciting week ahead.

I was in the office for 8.10am on Monday and after getting a coffee the first task was to write a small speech for tomorrow’s Keys sitting. […]

MHK Blog 15th to 21st May 2017

2018-04-11T14:47:56+01:0021 May 2017|

Blog 21 May 17This week I had scheduled two days at home (holiday), in order to get on top of a few personal items, but importantly in order to start seriously researching a few topics.

Monday was the first of those days, which was […]

MHK Blog 8th to 14th May 2017

2018-04-11T14:50:47+01:0014 May 2017|

Blog 14 May 17With the weather still sunny, Monday was a straightforward and pleasant day. With my first appointment being in Onchan at 10am, I stayed at home for the first part of the morning to read through my DED Agenda pack.

Just before […]

MHK Blog 29th April to 7th May 2017

2018-04-11T14:55:20+01:007 May 2017|

Blog 7 May 17This week’s Blog starts again on Saturday 29th April and also covers the final two days of my trip to Montreal, Canada.

I didn’t go out on Friday night with the other delegates, as I needed to respond to numerous messages […]