MHK Blog 22nd to 28th April 2017

2018-04-11T17:04:37+01:0028 April 2017|

Blog 28 Apr 17What’s the famous line from the Lord of the Rings? – “I am going on an Adventure”…….

This week’s Blog starts from last Saturday and not the usual Monday through to Friday, along with giving details of any activities being undertaken […]

MHK Blog 17th to 21st April 2017

2018-04-11T17:04:02+01:0021 April 2017|

Blog 21 Apr 17This week certainly felt like half term with nothing really happening.

On one side it is fortunate, as it enabled me to fully recharge the batteries in readiness for a couple of very busy weeks ahead starting from Saturday (22nd April). […]

MHK Blog 10th to 16th April 2017

2018-04-11T17:07:53+01:0016 April 2017|

Blog 16 Apr 17My focus of attention during this fairly short week was Committee work. Something that many people overlook, but it certainly takes up many hours of your time because of the the amount of reading, research and drafting suitable questions or […]

MHK Blog 3rd to 9th April 2017

2018-04-11T17:11:25+01:009 April 2017|

Blog 9 Apr 17My calendar was relatively light with meetings this week, which gave me an opportunity to catch up with things since returning back to the Isle of Man late last Friday.

I think the other reason why my calendar was short on […]

MHK Blog 27th March – 2nd April 2017

2018-04-11T17:13:59+01:002 April 2017|

Blog 2 Apr 17Monday started with a 50 minute walk to work…….

Due to my own silly mistake on Sunday lunchtime our car was in the garage, which also meant we had to leave the house at 7.30am on Monday morning. We got to […]