MHK Blog – Mon 23rd to 29th Jan 2017

2018-04-17T20:08:26+01:0029 January 2017|

Blog 29 Jan 17In the office for 8.15am on a very cold Monday morning and after printing off several agenda packs for Tuesday I sent various e-mails and made several calls with regard to Dr. Allinson’s Private Member’s Bill. I also sent an […]

MHK Blog – 16th to 22nd Jan 2017

2018-04-17T20:11:04+01:0022 January 2017|

Blog 22 Jan 17As another week draws to a close, it’s true to say there really aren’t two days the same in this job.

Monday was all about Tynwald – in the office for 8.15am and I managed to draft and send out nineteen […]

MHK Blog

2018-04-18T07:32:40+01:001 January 2017|

Blog Dec 16-3After a much needed Christmas break and a fantastic trip to Manchester for three days, I came back to work this week a day earlier than I had scheduled, in order to answer questions and concerns relating to DED’s trademarks and […]

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