Rob Callister, MHK
Swearing in

Rob Callister, MHK
Failt erriu – Welcome

Thank you for visiting my website; I hope you find the content useful.

A big thank you to the people of Onchan for putting their trust and confidence in me at the House of Keys General Election, which was held on 22nd September 2016.

I consider myself a truly independent candidate with a commitment to serve and represent residents of Onchan in all aspects of our community for the overall benefit of our Constituency and I will work towards a common goal to ensure that all matters tabled before me are considered openly, professionally and that all decisions are made without fear or favour.

The Isle of Man Government over the five years must…

* Re-establish a level of trust and confidence with the people of this island
* Keep the Manx Public fully informed of the challenges we face as a community
* Ensure that the island’s economic success remains the Government’s overarching priority
* Implement a robust tax system, which is fair to all and not the few
* Implement a long term strategy to address the pension crisis
* Ensure delivery of a first class health service
* Ensure delivery of a first class education system
* Address concerns regarding the Sea and Air routes
* Address shortages for first-time buyers and local authority housing

As an Onchan MHK I will continue to…

* Represent all sections of our Community
* Work in partnership with the Local Authority, Commissioners and other Local Groups to represent the best interests of Onchan
* Represent Onchan’s Social Housing Tenants, in order to ensure that rents are set fairly
* Defend Onchan’s right to remain Social Housing landlord and ensure decisions relating to the island’s housing structure are made for the right reasons
* Defend Onchan’s right to remain a local authority for the foreseeable future.

Rob Callister, MHK

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