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Here is my weekly Blog, which will normally be published here and on Facebook on Saturday mornings.

MHK Blog 12th to 18th Feb 2018

Blog 17 Feb 18

As a current Member for the House of Keys, I do follow most topics and threads through social media and the local press, but I particularly enjoy listening to the comments from past Tynwald members giving their views, knowledge and wisdom, especially on the current House, Tynwald or the Government.

I took the opportunity last weekend to watch a video with the previous Chief Minister Allan Bell, CBE with Paul Moulton of MTTV. It is worth watching and I definitely share his views in respect of LegCo and the troubles […]

MHK Blog 5th to 11th Feb 2018

Blog 7 Feb 18Almost back to full health on Monday, but the heavy cold going around the island last week definitely knocked me for six…

Putting any health issues to one side, it really was a case of head down this week and probably for the next couple of weeks as I work towards this year’s Budget, which will be held in Tynwald on Tuesday 20th February.

I know I have mentioned it several times in previous Blogs, but It really is hard to explain in just a few words the amount of time […]

MHK Blog 29th Jan to 4th Feb 2018

A very difficult and emotional week in many ways, and definitely a heavy week for reading and researching various topics, along with starting to prepare for the Budget, which will be debated in Tynwald on 20th February 2018.

I also finished the week very much under the weather with a heavy cold, but to be perfectly honest I just feel totally exhausted and rundown this week.

Anyway, I was in the office for 8.15am on Monday and the first job was to put together a few notes and ideas for my speech that I […]

MHK Blog 22nd to 28th Jan 2018

Blog 22 Jan '18I know we have only been elected for a period of 15 months and that there are plenty of difficult decisions yet to be made in Tynwald and the House of Keys between now and 2021, but the Isle of Man Abortion Reform Bill 2018 has finally started its process through the House of Keys this week.

I am certainly looking forward to listening to the speeches on Tuesday next week at second reading, and at the Clauses stage which will follow.

My colleague Dr. Allinson, MHK got leave to introduce […]

MHK Blog 15th to 21st Jan 2018

Blog imageWith plenty of rain and strong wind last weekend it forced me to pull my finger out and start putting together all the information and documents needed for my new website, which will hopefully go live in the very near future….

I also spent considerable time reading though the first report from the Public Accounts Committee on the overspend at Noble’s Hospital, which included the oral evidence sessions taken from the four Department Members in the Department of Health and Social Care.

On reflection, I genuinely believe my evidence is a fair and […]

MHK Blog 8th to 14th Jan 2018

This week certainly felt like a new term as the last remaining staff and political members returned from their Christmas break.

In the office for 8.20am on Monday morning but I wasn’t the first person in the office as David Ashford, MHK and Ralph Peake, MHIK were in just ahead of me.

Speculation, gossip and chatter on the possible new Health Minister was the order of the morning, especially with Manx Radio announcing early on that the new Health Minister was a Douglas MHK, and not a current Minister.

As the day unfolded it was […]

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